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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold’s display is glitching out just days after reviewers got their hands on it


It’s been a month since Samsung revealed it’s 1st foldable smartphone . The Samsung Galaxy Fold was highly anticipated during it’s launch. However Samsung has suffered a huge PR disaster.

The $2000 smartphone finally landed in the hands of tech reviewers this week, ahead of it’s official April 26 sale date, and was met with reviews that can cause Samsung a  problem. According to multiple sources, Samsung Galaxy Fold — its dual-screen, folding smartphone — is breaking up just days after reviewers got their hands on it.

The Verge‘s Dieter Bohn claimed a bulge that appeared in the crease of the display broke the screen after just a day of use and CNBC‘s Steve Kovach tweeted that the display on his review unit has started flickering.

Similarly, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said his display is broken, though he noted he took off a “protective layer/film” Samsung says shouldn’t be removed.

Tech  YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) faced a similar issue after he removed the film, thinking it was a screen protector. So, you probably shouldn’t take that layer off if you’re buying a Galaxy Fold — there’s a warning on the wrap that urges you to leave the film in place.

Samsung has addressed the problem and released an official statement addressing reports of display issues with the upcoming Galaxy Fold. While a folding screen will inevitably add all sorts of new complications, Samsung can hardly afford another major hardware disaster following the Note 7 disaster, in which it had to recall and discontinue the smartphone after numerous battery explosions. Though Samsung has yet to fully lay out its Galaxy Fold after-sale plans, rumor has it the company will offer screen replacements for free.


Meanwhile, The device is out of stock on Samsung’s website, and the company toldpeople who reserved one of the foldable phones (but didn’t commit to the pre-order) they can’t buy the Galaxy Fold “due to overwhelming demand.” They’ve been placed on a waitlist.

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