Red Media Company , a brand known for its distinctive high end cinema quality cameras, especially known  as Weapons or Epic W is set to put its hand on Smartphones market this year. Red Hydrogen One is a debut smartphone of RED.  This smartphone is hyped at present due to its new ambitious camera and its design. It is said that it will display 4v holographic content without the need of 3D glasses. It can also capture H4v format videos through its amazing camera. It is set to release with lots of promises and hype .

Red Hydrogen One Design

Red Hydrogen One

With its QHD 5.7 inch display it has a large look. It looks very much premium body built design. It will be available in two variant. One will be made up of aluminium and another with titanium. It has got its rear camera in most familiar position. It is heard that RED will mount its fingerprint sensor on its display. You will be pleased to hear that it will have 3.5 mm headphone jack unlike iphone X and USB type C charging port. In terms of its look it is as other smartphone.


Red Hydrogen One Display

Red Hydrogen One Display

Phone’s screen is also a major part of smartphone to grab the attention of the user. Red hydrogen one will feature 5.7 inch QHD display (2560 x 1440). One of its amazing feature is that , it has unique ability to show 4V holographic content with out the need of 3D glasses.

As per its price tag (will be mentioned below) it is expected to feature OLED display with vibrant looking rich colors. Its display can show 2D as well as 3D images and videos.


It is a mystery that what processor it will feature but it is almost sure that it will have snapdragon 835 processor. Considering its high price it is expected to have 6/8 GB of RAM on this ambitious device.

Most of the smartphone now a days redays releases with android nougat or android oreo. So it will not be shocking if it follows the trend.


Image result for red hydrogen one display

This phone is going to have huge 4500 mAh battery an its camera will feature amazing sensors to record in 2D , 3D and H4V. It will have cinema quality camera.

This phone will have dual hybrid SIM tray.


As this phone comes in two variant viz. Aluminium model and titanium model, the pricing for the titanium model variant will be higher than that of aluminium variant. It is expected to launch at price of $ 1195 for aluminium model and $ 1595 for titanium model. This price may increase even higher.

The Red hydrogen one will be released in this summer from Verizon and AT&T.


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