Nepal Telecommunications Authority has banned the popular online multiplayer mobile game, PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is popularly known as PUBG.

The authority has issued a order to all ISP to ban the online multiplayer game following the request of Central Investigation Bureau of the Nepal Police.

NTA Spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that a letter has been sent to all internet service providers to stop downloading and playing of the game.

PUBG’s addictive style of gameplay and massive popularity has been linked to unhealthy addictions.

Parents are concerned that young generation are spending too much time on this online multiplayer game. People, all over the world, are asking if this game could be leading to online gaming addiction. In India, there have been calls for a ban on the game, after a train ran over two PUBG players in Maharashtra.

PUBG or Player Unknown’s BattleFround is online multiplayer game developed by South Korean Company  BlueholeCorp. In  the game, you play as one of a hundred condemned to a  battle with each other. You start with dropping from an aircraft to an island with no weapons, which offers you a bounty of lethal weapons, protective gear and recovery items. You arm yourself, gather loots  and venture into the battlefield against 99 other players—all of them eyeing the coveted ‘chicken dinner’. Competition seems to be at the heart of the game and competing against other highly-skilled players makes the win even more satisfying.

Since the game is very collaborative, and can be played as a duo or 4 player squad,,  it builds on established methods of social interaction. Players can team with their friends and create crews that they can go deep  onto the island with. Cooperative play also sees players healing fallen teammates, strategising in teams and holding positions for better defensive play. Players can chat with each other and on mobile phones, thanks to  the option to voice-chat during gameplay .


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