Smartphones Bezels are becoming smaller every year.  Smartphones like iPhone X and samsung s9 has set new benchmark in the bezel less screens with screen-to-body ratio of 82.9% and  83.6% respectively. Chang Cheng, Lenovo’s Vice President, has teased such a phone on Weibo (a Chinese micro blogging site), posting a sketch of a phone with zero bezels. He calls it the Lenovo Z5, and this image follows an earlier teaser from him showing a partial render of the phone, accompanied by the claim that it has a 95% screen-to-body-ratio. 

Lenovo Z5 features


Since their entry to the smartphone market, Lenovo has not created anything new and has always followed the contemporary trends.  After announcing the truly bezel-less display without any notch or chin whatsoever on the Lenovo Z5, Lenovo VP Chang Cheng has again taken to Weibo to tease that the Lenovo Z5 will launch with 4TB of storage thanks to “particle technology”. Cheng claims that with this much storage, the smartphone will be able to hold 2000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos.


Lenovo Z5 design

The Lenovo Z5 concept sketches as posted by It’s officials show that the phone has an all-display design, without the  a single bezel. And, unlike the iPhone X, there’s no notch either. The screen, according to Lenovo’s Vice President, has a 95% screen to body ratio.

As per the sketch we can assume that There will be no front facing camera and a fingerprint censor ( not in the front  iguess unless they figured out to integrate the sensors and camersas in the screen itself 😉 .

As per the VP himself, Lenovo Z5 will also include four technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies, some of which are presumably focused on its all-screen design, which will need to overcome various obstacles, perhaps most notably finding a way to house the front-facing camera.






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