How to Increase Internet Speed? 11 Steps You Should Follow


Increase Internet Speed : How To optimize your Internet Connection ?

Slow Internet speed sucks 🙁 …… !!!!!!  Remember the struggle you do to download some sort of data and your internet is slow as hell , it will be a complete nightmare. Here in this article you can learn how you can increase internet speed using some simple methods.increase-internet-speed


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What may be slowing Your Internet Speed ?

There are a number of different factors which can affect your service speed. Some factors are dependent on the technology used to deliver your connection whilst others affect all types of broadband connections. Here are some of the factors that affect your internet speed…

1. Wi-Fi vs Ethernet

Wi-Fi has gotten significantly faster over the past few years thanks to new standards like 802.11ac and 802.11n, which offers maximum speeds of 866.7 Mb/s and 150 Mb/s, respectively. On the other side, a wired Ethernet connection can offer upto some few Gb/s, if you have a Cat-6 Cable.

2. Hardware

Your internet speed heavily depends on your network equipment, such as router or cable. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, your internet speed might decrease as more devices connect to the same network.

PS: Your Internet or your online work might be slowed down by the hardware of your computer itself- For example, if you have a slow processor.

3. Adware or Spyware

If your computer is infected with “adware” or “spyware” you’ll likely see reduced computer performance and a constant stream of pop-up ads. This will likely cause everything on your computer to work slower. Once a virus or malware kicks in, it might be running in the background, connecting to the internet without your permission and draining your  computer’s resources. Removing The malwares can help increase internet speed

PS: Malware such as spyware opens additional browsing windows or tabs, which increase the network’s bandwidth usage.

4. Router

Your Wi-Fi router is another critical component that plays an important role in ensuring your internet connection remains fast and reliable. The data sent to your computer from a server typically bounces through a dozen or so routers. Their purpose is directing data from one point to another on the Internet. Routers, or the connections between them, can be configured incorrectly or become overloaded by high demand. If your router is old and outdated, chances are it can barely keep up with modern web traffic.

5. Your Modem’s Signal

If your modem signal delivered to your cable modem is too strong, too weak or too noisy, it can cause your modem to slow down or stop working entirely. Adding a signal splitter to your cable line; a nick in the cable line running to your house; or changes to the cable system in your neighborhood, could also slow your cable signal.

6. Wi-Fi Router Location

Image result for wifi obstacles

If your Wi-Fi router is located far from your devices, your internet speed won’t be optimal. Physical obstacles such as walls especially metals and water , placed between the router and the devices, can also reduce internet speed. Keep Your Wifi router in such position so that there are no                                                                     any obstaclees between you and the router. This will also help to increase your internet speed

7.  Web Browser


Whether you choose Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other internet browser, your internet speed won’t be affected. However, your browsing speed may vary when you choose one browser over another.


8. Host Server

The most common cause of slow internet speed is the host server. This server may be misconfigured or underpowered for the number of people using it at the time.

9. Broadband Connection

The speed of the connection provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the single most important factor in your overall internet connectivity. It is an interesting fact that your broadband speeds depend largely on what your connection cable is made up of. . 🙂  The urban broadband infrastructure consists of hybrid fibre coaxial cables, whereas older areas are served by ADSL or dialup and remote areas by satellite. Choosing a right plan and connection will help to increase your internet speed

10. Operating System

Processors affect background internet tasks. Macs generally have faster processors than PC computers, so you may experience faster internet speed with high-end macs. RAM directly affects website loading speeds, especially when you have more than one page open at a time.  While macs tend to have faster processors, PCs take home the god medal for RAM space.

MBps vs Mbps

Okay, some important stuff here. People often say megabytes when they mean megaBITS. And visa versa. But there is a big difference.

MBps = megabytes
Mbps = megabits

Here, 1 byte= 8 bits

So, if someone told you that they are getting 40 Mbps ( Megabits per second) internet  speed then it would be 5 MBps ( MegaBytes per second). To find out how many megabytes


How To Increase Internet Speed ?

Now as I have listed the possible factors responsible for slow internet connection , I will also  list some counter measures which will help you to increase internet speed significantly

Now let’s dive into a few ways that you can increase internet speed .

Remember, some Internet companies market themselves to provide high Speed internet  which is theoritically  “potential” but in reality you will never get near it. Email or call your ISP and ask them what is actually available  in your area so that you don’t spend your precious time trying to get a speed that just isn’t possible.


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1. Make sure your browser and OS is updated

An old and updated browser/OS also slows your internet speed and  makes you stuck in the middle of web browsing, downloading/uploading files etc. Make sure that your browser, as well as Operating System, is up to date in order to get a better speed. If you are finding it hard to update your browser, you can download the latest version alternatively:

  • Download the latest version of Google Chrome here.
  • Download the latest version of Safari here.
  • Download the latest version of Internet Explorer here.
  • Download the latest version of Edge browser here.’
  • Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox here.

Updating yo the latest version of your Browser helps to increase internet speed.

2. Test a different modem /router


The biggest cause of slowed down internet is a bad modem. There are various type of modem which are configured to be used for different type of connections. Make sure your modem is suited to the internet plan that you have subscribed.


3. Scan for viruses

The next thing you need to do is make sure that there is no virus  causing you to slow down. Sometimes viruses can live on your computer and suck resources away from what you are doing thus slowing down your speeds. I personally use this one as a daily malware scanner  on my PC and have found it to be the most accurate over time without slowing down my computer too much. Cleaning out the malware will help you significantly increase internet speed

4. Check for on-system interference

Once in a while your malware scanner or other programs can meddle with your connection speeds. This is extremely disappointing however you can easily figure it out by simply turning things off each one in turn and after that running a speed test once more. If it’s not too much trouble Note: I won’t be in charge of any infections or spyware you get while doing this. You ought to always have great malware protection.

5. Plug in

WiFi is nice but wireless internet is often   slower than if you have direct connection with your modem . Try getting that chord out of the box and plugging straight into the modem, especially if it is your desktop computer and you don’t need to move it around very often.

6. Check for external interference

I bet most of you have an iPhone, iPad, sound system and at least one other form of electronic device in your modem area. Am I right? Well, if so, then you need to check to see whether these things are causing electromagnetic interference. Try moving speakers out of the way and getting other electronic devices out of your modem space.

7. Shorten and replace cables

The length of your cables and their structure can affect speeds. Try replacing old phone cables, sockets and lines and instead use shorter and newer ones. This can often make a big difference and will increase your  internet speed

8. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

The last suggestion is often the most powerful one. Turn off your modem for one minute and turn it on again. It is called power cycling and can often flush out a bunch of problems that affect your speed. If you are really brave you can even reconfigure your modem with a new password as this can often refresh your settings at the end of your ISP and refresh connections.

9. Update firmware and software regularly

Your router/modem actually has it’s own software that you need to update regularly. You can login to your modem by following your brand’s instructions. You also need to consider updating your computer’s desktop version, operating system, etc. as often the wireless settings become less compatible over time.

10. Find your router/ISP’s best settings

When you login to your modem/router (see point 11) you will see a bunch of settings relating to channels and so on. Sometimes these settings are not on the best option by default and you’ll need to update them based on the types of devices you use, etc. Check out your router and ISP’s website for the best settings. Keeping your Router in best setting can help to increase internet speed

11. Check the cabling and do a line test

If all of this fails it’s time to contact your Internet Service Provider and modem company and ask them for a line test and investigation. This may mean that a worker from the company will be sent out to your house, and this can cost an additional fee. The man who came to my property found that the wires in my roof were almost totally chewed away and needed replacing.



So, Those were all the methods to increase internet speed that I had to share with you . Go ahead and try them out and let us know if you found any method helpful. Also, if you have some other tricks to boost the internet speed, tell us in comments below. If you have any problem regarding the given steps to increase internet speed, feel free to  write it in the comment section below. One of our Expert team will  help you soon  🙂




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