These days Android apps are  fun.  Everyone wants to make their own android apps to show up on Google Play Store.  Almost in every  type of business An Android app may be found very needy and as a result There is a lot demand in this field. But…the main problem is How to build them….??….. Most of us don’t know how to code an app or simply… know what i mean…..!!!

Now there is an service  which allows you to create your very own Android apps and even monetized and earn from it………..

AppsGeyser is a tool which you can use to build android apps for free and it doesn’t need any coding skills. I will put up all the step by step process on creating your own first app.


  1. go to this link
  2. click on the  “CREATE NOW” button  as shown in the picture below

3. Choose Categories : What type of app you want to make..eiteher it can be news app..or a messenger app..or even a  2D game . Here this time I’m going with the Messenger app..Simply click on that.

4. Fill the details as follows:


Select the colours you desire.


If you have your own website than you can create a FAQ page and provid ethe link in the box. OR else leave it as it is.

Leave the Channel URL boxes and proceed by clicking Nex Button alongside. Put your desired name for the app. Remember ! this will be the official name for your app and each single name can only be used once. If you found that the name you thought was already taken then choose other related name for your  app

Then click next and Description box will appear. Write what your app is about . You can also search for related apps in Google play store and look the description and  write it in your own. but don’t copy and paste it.

Click Next and you can choose right logo for your app. You can choose from default logo provided here and  yeah. you can also upload your very own unique logo by selecting “custom icon” option.

Click Next and click Create.

Finally  your first Android app is in process and after some time you will be showed up your dashboard.

Your app has been created and is ready and you can download your app by click in the download button  or by scanning the QR code provided. You can share your app to your friends and families and get feedbacks.

For your app to be in The Google Play store you must have a google developer id which we will discus on the following posts…

Lastly If you find any difficulties or queries in these processes simply comment  and we will try to get back to you as soon as possibe. IF you love this post and find  that it is useful don’t hesitate to share this post.

Thank you





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