The Gaming Industry is a really big area where massive budget games are released every month. In this saturated market, picking up the perfect PC game is really difficult. But there are certain games that keep us entertained for hours. Now, we know that there are a lot of genres of video game and including 2 games from the same genre wouldn’t be really good. So, instead, we’re going to give you the Best 5 PC Games of 2019 from 5 different genres. The genres that we are going to collect from are Sports, Battle Royale, Action/Adventure RPG, Open World and Independent Game.

So, without any further delay, let us start the article and see what the best 5 pc games of 2019 are!

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Best PC Games of 2019

Sports – FIFA 19

Credit : EA Sports

There are a lot of sports games for PC that cover a lot of sports. I had a really hard time trying to pick one so, I rated the games keeping the one thing that matters to PC Gamers. And that is Optimization. A lot of games aren’t really meant for PCs and players are likely to face problems when that happens. Therefore, it is crucial for a game to work in most of the computers and FIFA 19 is one of them.

If you take a peek at the system requirements of this game, one thing that you will find is that the game doesn’t need much hardware. A mid-end PC with a basic NVidia Graphics card will do the job. One thing that you would need is RAM. You need 8 GB of RAM which, in today’s day and age isn’t really much. FIFA 19 comes with an impressive array of gameplay options, a really good exhibition mode, manager/career mode and online play. Add to that, the game has a Story mode which concludes the story of our favourite Alex Hunter. You can play as Hunter, his sister Kim and his mate Danny Williams. All of these gameplay options make FIFA 19 a must have  game.

Battle Royale – Fortnite


This choice can be debated, it was a really close battle between PUBG and Fortnite. One thing that edged it towards Fortnite is the optimization. With the ability to turn the settings all the way down, Fortnite runs in almost anything. PUBG, on the other hand, is still not well optimized. Fortnite also has a lot of features such as world building once you’re in the Island. There is a steep learning curve but once you master it, the game is pretty easy to run and play. There are many updates that you get with the game as well. For instance, there is a new Avengers update that has all your favourite Avengers in the game with a new storyline involving Thanos. All of these features and the fact that Fortnite is completely free to play makes it one of the best PC games of 2019.

Action/Adventure – Devil May Cry 5


If you like hack and slash games then, DMC5 has got you covered. The new addition to the widely acclaimed DMC franchise, DMC5 has a really deep fighting system which is easy to pick up. The depth of the system is, however, difficult to master. This gives new fans a chance to showcase their talents and be kill some demons while doing it.All these features make it one of the best PC games of 2019.

RPG – Nier Automata

Nier Automata isn’t your average RPG. It is a mixture of a few things. It is a 2.5 D platformer, an action game with RPG elements thrown in the mix. One thing that makes this title stand out is the sheer scale of the environment where you’re thrown. The game takes place in a massive open world which is very manageable. You can go on a side quest, level up your character and just explore when you’ve nothing to do. Another cool feature of the game is the combat system which is just out of this world.


Open World – GTA V

Yup! After 6 years,  GTA V is still the best open world game out there. While the new Spiderman and Red Dead Redemption games are far better than GTA V as far as the open world goes but those titles are limited to PS4 and we’re talking about PC Games. GTA V has everything that you can ask for in a game. Great graphics, immersive environment, catching storyline and most importantly fun. After hours of gameplay, you won’t be bored. Rather, you can download some mod and enjoy a totally different game.



Want to be a hacker? If yes then, Quadrilateral Cowboy is definitely for you. The game puts you in the shoes of a hacker in the 80s. Your task? Steal documents, go inside a server and do some hacking stuff, basically! The game is pretty fluent but you need to have a quick mind to fully enjoy the game. There are a lot of ways to do the same task, you have to find your own. The game is completely free to play and it serves as a new experience.


So, there you have it. These are some of the best games that you can play in 2019.


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