5 Best Android Keyboard Apps

Keyboards are no longer only meant for only typing. There are a lot of features that make a difference and different keyboard applications are there and most of these applications provide something new to the users and help improve the typing experience of the users. But Wait, Doesn’t a Smartphone have its own Keyboard app? Well, yes it definitely does but there is a lot of limitations that come with it. To overcome these limitations a lot of android keyboard apps have surfaced and today we are going to go over these apps and see how they stack up against each other.

We’ve compiled the 5 Best Android keyboard Apps meant for Android devices. Here is the list:

Note : This list is only a compilation of best  android keyboards available. You can choose any one from the list .

1. GBoard


GBoard is one of the best Android keyboard apps to replace the stock keyboard app on your android smartphone. It is one of the fastest keyboard app for android .GBoard is smart. It has a lot of features. The first feature is the gesture controls and swiping entry which just works so good.

There is also a voice to text conversion and intelligent learning is another one of the features that it has. What this feature does is that it lets you keep the wrong word and doesn’t force auto correct upon you. Another great feature of this Application is that it has an auto spelling feature.

There is a G button in the app that has some extra features like a GIF search and direct posting on Facebook and Twitter. There is also a feature of translation so, you can connect with people. Language barrier is not a thing anymore.

2. Fleksy


Fleksy is known as the fastest among android keyboard apps. This keyboard for android is a nice switch from Gboard. The interface of this android keyboard app is pretty intuitive. In addition, a really impressive prediction engine is available. There is support for multiple languages as well. The keys are well sized and the probability of a typo is very less. There are a lot of themes that you can choose from and the keyboard size can also be customized. The android keyboard app is also very powerful when it comes to GIFs and Stickers. You can even search youtube without leaving the typing area.

3. Chroma Keyboard


Chrooma Keyboard is another great keyboard app for android which is very capable of competing with some of the best keyboards in the app store. When you open the app, the first impression you’ll have will be of the really impressive design of the app. The prediction feature is another good area where the application shines. You need to get used to the app initially but after you’re comfortable, this application will be very helpful for you. Other features like emojis, Image Attachment, and GIFs are available. There is also an incognito mode in the app which is pretty cool. Many languages are also supported by the app.

4. Grammarly Keyboard– Never send an email with a typo again.

If you are a frequent typer, you definitely know the Grammarly app. This application checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other typing mistakes. The Grammarly Keyboard app for android is quite similar. This app automatically fixes bad grammar and silly typos. You can customize between automatic correction and manual correction. It feels a bit like having an English teacher looking over your shoulder while you’re tapping out a text message or email. There is also a personal dictionary, an emoji button and more in the app. The keyboard app is a free download, but Grammarly also offers a paid Premium plan that includes more advanced grammar features.

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Hitap keyboard is probably the most feature riched android keyboard app  available. All the features in this keyboard app make it stand out from the bunch. t. There is a feature of clipboards and contact. This feature lets you access the contacts from your keyboard and the clipboard enables you to store frequently used text so that you can use it later. There are also other options that enable you to customize your experience in the app. The prediction feature is also an area where the application shines. Designwise, it is a bit unpolished for functionality wise you won’t really have a problem with this smartphone keyboard application.


Besides the 5 Best Android keyboard Apps, here is a bonus for you.


Well AI is everywhere nowadays. The AI type android keyboard app is an alternative to our list and we included this keyboard for people who are fast typers. Your typing speed will only improve with this keyboard. Machine Learning algorithms are implemented in this keyboard so, it can learn from your typing experience and then predict your texts, this saves you a lot of time. The keys are also noticeably large and it can be customized easily. The keyboard app for android  is pretty perfect for people who type frequently.



A good keyboard app on your smartphone will undoubtedly save you a whole lot of time. That time can be used by you to do some important tasks and get more productive. While there are a lot of things that can be done with the stock android keyboard app in your phone. It is quite weak in comparison to the keyboards apps in the list. The basic version of all the keyboards in the list is free. With a few in-app purchases that cost pretty less, you can get a much-needed boost.



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