6 Best Android Camera Apps You Should Use

There are so many Android devices and a lot of these devices have their own Camera Applications. It doesn’t mean that all of them are good though. There are many problems with native android camera apps and a third party camera app is a must-have. But what makes a camera app great? What are some good camera apps? We’re going to answer these questions today. So, let us start.

What makes a camera app great then? Well, there are a few things. First of all, a camera app for android should be easy to use but it should have depth. See there are two types of people, some just point the camera at an object and hit click while some people are hardcore photographers and they want to adjust minute details. Therefore, a good camera application needs to cater to the needs of both ends of the spectrum. To do this, you need to have plenty of customization options.

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Okay, all of this is fine, but what are the best camera apps for android? In this article, we are going to give you a brief overview of the 6 Best Android Camera Apps.

1. Google Camera


The Pixel phones by Google have the best camera in the entire smartphone industry and it is not because of the hardware. Google’s software is so good that it takes a mid-range sensor and turns it into a beast and Google Camera is that software. This camera app for android has machine learning and artificial intelligence embedded in addition to all the customizable features. There are a lot of features of this app, it allows HDR+, video stabilization, slow motion, lens blur and more. To use this android camera app you need to have a powerful CPU (a new phone basically) and Android Nougat or later. Phones released in 2017-18 will be fine.

2. Camera MX

Not to be confused with MX Player, Camera MX is actually an old application. The android camera app has gone several updates and the latest iteration of the app is pretty good. The interface is really intuitive. New users can learn it in no time, it does lack some pro options. However, the cool GIF making a feature is impressive. It also has a built-in photo editor and oh, did I forget to mention? The app is absolutely free.

3. Manual Camera

This  android camera application is for pros. You can judge it by the name. It is a relatively old app and hasn’t seen many updates recently but the interface in this app is top notch. It has that real camera feel and gives you the ability to control stuff like ISO, Colour Balance, Focus etc. It even lets you shoot the images in RAW format.


4. Snap Camera HDR

This camera app for android is also among the best. Initially launched for the windows phone, the Snap Camera is now available in Android. Much like the Manual Camera app, Snap Camera HDR also lets you shoot RAW images and adjust different settings. One addition, though, is that it has things such as effects, borders and even filters. Millennials will find it very cool.


5. Open Camera

Open Camera is a powerful yet surprisingly lightweight camera app for Android devices. One thing I like about the application is that it is open source and has no in-app purchases. It means you don’t have to spend a dime on it to enjoy the application to it’s fullest.  Going to the features, the app supports focus adjustment, different scene modes, stabilization in videos and images, HDR etc. In addition, there is also a way to optimize HDR manually which is so cool. You can geotag your photos as well and the application has support for external microphone and remote controls. You can even map the volume controls to do your bidding. Another great thing about this app is the GUI which is intuitive yet simple. Both noobs and pros can enjoy this app.


6. Candy Camera

Up to now, we’ve gone with a geeky point of view but what about casual cameras? The ones where people just want to take a selfie and not care about ISO and HDR. This is where Candy Camera comes in. Selfies have become a trend and people want to capture good selfies and this is where Candy Camera functions the best. It has all the beautification options that you can think of. There are filters, makeup tools, stickers etc. You can slim up your face and look even better. Snapshots are also possible. And the application is



That’s about it folks. These are the 6 Best Android Camera Apps that you can try out. All of these apps are free so, you can just download them and see for yourself if it is meant for you. My personal recommendation would definitely be Google Camera if your phone supports it otherwise, you can go for Open Camera. This recommendation is for geeks though. If you don’t want to tamper many settings and just click something fast then, you can go with Candy Camera and/or Camera MX. Also if your favorite android camera app is missing in the list, please let us know in the comment section below 🙂



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