5 Effective Ways to Automate Your Home’s Safety

We currently live in a world where technological advancements have really changed things. Today there are different kinds of technologies, all in the palm of our hands and because of this boom, we can do a lot of things. Our lives have become “tech-filled” and so have our homes. And All the credit goes to home automation. Home Automation is a technology which allows you to control different aspect of a house with technology. The control can be done in a remote way using a Smartphone or an iPad. The homes are labelled as “smart.” It is mainly because of the tech involved in them. The combination of modern day hardware and Artificial Intelligence have made it possible to make our homes pretty smart.

Today we are going to see the  5 Effective Ways to Automate Your Home’s Safety. But before doing that, let us first discuss the benefits that you can get from Home Automation.


Through home automation, you can remotely control things such as lighting and appliances. You can change the temperature of the room and open/close the oven, showers, literally anything.


Home Automation system includes security camera, automated locks and secured vaults. It helps you stay relaxed even when you’re away from the house.


The best benefit of Home Automation is that it is very convenient. You don’t have to really consider getting worked up about many things. It saves you a lot of time. In addition, using home automation is pretty easy to learn too.


Now let us see the security aspect of home automation. Here are the 5 Effective Ways to Automate Your Home’s Safety:


Secure the Routers

A lot of people don’t change the password on their routers. Sticking with the default password can be very insecure. It can be cracked with ease. So, better change it. But change to what? Well, you could use a password that is hard to guess. Combine some of the special characters, letters and numbers to make a password. Get a router equipped with a WPA2 protection system for being safe.

Update the Applications

A lot of time people don’t patch the security issues. Every software has a patch so, the latest update should be downloaded. Also, the hardware could also be updated. You can’t expect proper security from hardware which is pretty old.

Camera Surveillance

Checking the IP logs on your cameras can let you know if your camera’s being watched by others. You can also see the activities captured by the camera to judge the people that enter your house. Something suspicious could happen. If you happen to find anything mildly suspicious, contact your Home Automation provider. Don’t let your cameras work with default ports. The IP ports in them should be changed once you buy them.


Brands Matter

Since all your personal life is on the line, it is better to not be cheap while installing a Home Automation system. What I mean is, get the correct hardware and the correct software. Don’t compromise. You shouldn’t get cheap Chinese hardware because they can be exploited quite easily. There are a lot of companies that make good quality home automation hardware. When the hardware problem is solved, the software side of the things should also be taken into account. You can always discuss with experts and employ the correct kind of security software.

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Door Locks and Secured Sensors

Now, we talked about the online threats but what about the offline threat? A home automation system should also have security against burglars and thieves. But how do we achieve it? We could use secured doors for starters. Smart locks can be operated via Bluetooth with a smartphone app. These locks are able to detect your body’s heat signature because of the sensors involved. Depending on that, the door can unlock or get locked with strength. It is equally important to make the doors of your house with really secured material. Also, keep in mind, I said “Bluetooth” technology because it is more secure than Wi-Fi.

There are home sensors as well. Consider a situation where you want a person to enter the house but you don’t want them checking out your vault. Then, you need to employ different security paradigm all over your house and use different sensors. You can just turn on the sensor and leave your house. If someone tries to break in to, say your vault, then, you’ll receive a security alert. This will really save you from theft.



Home Automation can pose a lot of online threat. That’s just the way technology works. You get impressive services but then you have to be aware of many things. Hackers, in general, can hack into your Cameras and Door lock systems if there is no proper security. In addition, you also have to deal with offline threats. So, a home security system is really a slippery slope. You can just do your best and hope it doesn’t get broken into.


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