Most of the companies, unfortunately, employ a static cybersecurity mechanism. What I mean by this is, the companies won’t change their security unless a large threat is seen. Here is some information on how to improve cyber security (cybersecurity).

This kind of cybersecurity option is pretty bad as the threats are ever increasing. Security threats are never static.

What is Cyber Security?

Every year some new kind of threat emerges and criminals use it to cause a lot of harm. Cybercriminals attack the prime asset of a company i.e, data. Because of this reason, a really complex security strategy is required.

The mechanism needs to different factors, strict authorization, and technology to combat criminals.

Cybersecurity Methods

While there are a lot of ways to implement ways to improve Cyber Security, we have compiled a 5 step procedure that you can implement and get the best out of the cybersecurity world.


The cyber attacks that you can face are automated but you cannot tackle the threats with automation. You need skilled manpower that can counter attack the threat. But, this is the world where AI is developing.

So, it is possible to make an automation system that can predict the outcomes and take actions accordingly.

Okay, so should the whole system is automated?

Definitely No. But there should be a combination. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

An organization can carry basic security checks by using automation. For comprehensive threats, security experts should be informed and they should handle it.

Every company should have the right security team for it.

Data Checking

A cybercriminal can hack you when your own security scheme is vulnerable and most of the times it has to do with the data.

There are a lot of data for a tech company to process therefore, the data should be analyzed.

Every tech company should employ a Data scientist to run forensics on data and see what needs to be done to protect it. There are a lot of critical data and a company should be able to do the following things:

  • An inventory system to analyze data and assets regularly
  • If there is a data breach or erroneous data, we need to remedy it

Security and Regulation

A lot of people use their smartphones in an office. This opens a wide variety of attack options for cybercriminals so, there should be an emphasis on mobile device security as well.

There should be clear policies on the types of devices to be used and physical security should also be in place. Since smartphones are pretty small, they can get lost pretty fast too.

The data stored on the phone should be wiped out if the security is compromised.

As far as the regulation goes, there are many security regulations imposed by the government itself. Companies should adopt these regulations.

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There are can be different laws in hospitals because of medical data. Similarly, financial institutions like a bank have separate laws that need to be followed.

Practices and Specialist

Cybersecurity practices are the things that a company does in it’s day to day operation. They include; using anti-virus software, backing up the data, knowledge of phishing, using two-step verification, updating on the latest threats, etc.

After the practice has been set, an organization’s next goal is to hire a cybersecurity officer or a specialist. A specialist will assist when there is a data breach and when security practices need implementation. Following are the works of a cybersecurity specialist:

  • Protect the network against breaches and emergencies
  • Analyzing the security risks with testing and scoring
  • Providing proper knowledge to the internal staff about security
  • Adopting current trends and being versatile with the work

Biometric Systems and Staff Training

Biometric Verification is a field of identifying a person from fingerprints and other traits like face and retina pattern in the eye. This type of security is a bit safe when not cracked. The template is kept on a database.

To keep it safe, multi-factor authentication is implemented. The biometric data can also be encrypted and kept secret as well.

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Jumping on to the training, not everyone is trained properly.  Humans are prone to error and it is the main reason why security measures fail.

The biggest data leaks and hacking takes place because of plain stupidity of the employees. To reduce this, it is very crucial for everyone to understand the general ways of security.

The training should focus on industry-specific threats, what to do and what not to do etc. This “to do” list should then be updated frequently so that people can tackle novel threats too.

The training can be provided by the specialist and it should be given to everyone who uses a company’s resources.

The resources include; wifi network, computers, servers, phones, and other devices.

If you can follow these methods then, you will be able to attain some type of security for your company. While there are other factors in place as well, these 5 Steps to Improve Cyber Security in 2019.


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